Spring 2017 / Blog / Dr. Jill Manning

For more than a decade, I have admired the personal recovery and tireless work of Rhyll and Steven Croshaw, founders of the SA Lifeline Foundation

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Summer 2017 / Blog / Dr. Jill Manning

The Meadows is one of the premier rehabilitation and trauma treatment centers in North America. Located on a 14-acre campus in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona…

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Fall 2017 / Blog / Dr. Jill Manning

I am a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist. As such, my professional interests and training are firmly rooted in helping couples and families heal and thrive…

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Winter 2018 / Blog / Dr. Jill Manning

When asked about the most painful part of being sexually betrayed, most partners of sex addicts will answer, without hesitation, “the lies.” For many, the lies…

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3 Things I Wish Sex & Pornography Addicts Understood about Pornography

Spring 2018 / Blog / Dr. Jill Manning

Over the last year, three ideas about pornography consumption have stood out as common areas of misunderstanding amongst recovering sex and pornography addicts. I highlight these misunderstandings here…

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Summer 2018 / Blog / Dr. Jill Manning

Summer is an excellent time to discuss Internet safety as a family. Such discussions can help prepare our children for the inevitable technological…

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oprah magazine blog banner

Fall 2018 / Blog / Dr. Jill Manning

In April 2018, a freelance writer for the Oprah Magazine invited me to be interviewed for a piece she was working on pertaining to betrayal in relationships. 

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