Communication Ball Questions for Children & Teens by Smarter Parenting


Open and healthy communication within a family is an important buffer for a wide range of issues, including problematic sexual behavior.


This free printable, created by Smarter Parenting, is a valuable tool for fostering discussions on a wide range of topics. Meaningful discussions allow family members to express emotions and share ideas in a way that encourages understanding.


Over one hundred questions are included. Questions range from light-hearted topics (“what is your favorite season?”) to more serious topics (“what is your biggest worry?”).


A list of questions designed for younger children and teens are both provided in this 2-page free printable.


Smarter Parenting is a non-profit that specializes in creating unique and proven resources for parents and caregivers. I am incredibly grateful to this organization for granting me permission to share this resource widely.


It has been my experience that most betrayed individuals who are parents, grandparents, or caregivers will eventually turn their attention to preventing pornography problems in their home at some point along their healing journey.


This free printable provides over one hundred to spark meaningful discussions on a wide range of topics that can open space for teaching moments and greater understanding.


The questions may be used as simple conversation starters or incorporated into a game, depending upon the ages or interests of the family members involved.


To turn the questions into a game, the instructions at the top of the document encourage parents to write several of the questions on a plastic beach ball using a permanent marker. Once the ball is covered with a mix of questions, the ball is gently tossed or rolled to a family member who then answers whichever question is under their right thumb when they catch or pick up the ball. Doing this allows for a fun and random way for the questions to be sorted and posed. Children or teens may also be given an opportunity to select the questions that are written on the beach ball.


Designed for:

  1. Licensed and certified mental health providers and coaches who work with individuals and families.
  2. Parents, grandparents, educators, and youth leaders.

2 Pages

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