The Green Shoe Foundation Retreats

It is with an equal mix of enthusiasm and gratitude that I highlight the unique 5-day retreat program at The Green Shoe Foundation in Edmond, Oklahoma. The Green Shoe Foundation retreats are rooted in the Post Induction Therapy (PIT) model of therapy and focus on addressing relational trauma wounds from childhood.


Aside from how deeply healing and effective the retreats are, what makes them truly remarkable is that they are offered at no cost — yes, you read that right. Through the generous philanthropy of the Richison Family Foundation, any adult 21 years of age or older who is motivated to improve their mental health may participate in one of these retreats. Considering the mental health crisis unfolding in the United States, knowing that this program exists truly brings me joy.

What are people saying about the retreats?

I personally know of twelve individuals who have completed the 5-day retreat at The Green Shoe Foundation, and I know of three more who are scheduled to attend in the upcoming months!


Here is a brief snapshot of what I have heard people say after they return:

“It was a profoundly positive experience.”

“It was a life-changing experience; I will never forget it.”

“I want to go back and attend the retreat again.”

Anyone would benefit from this retreat!”

“It has improved my relationship with myself and the way I will parent my own children going forward.”

“I returned with a greater sense of peace and acceptance about my past.”

“After attending the retreat, I am finally ready to forgive my ex.”

“I learned that the trauma I experienced as a kid was not my fault.”

What topics does the retreat cover?

The Green Shoe Foundation retreats include a psychoeducational component.

The following topics are covered:

  • The nature of trauma
  • The different types of traumas
  • The influence of trauma and family roles on adult functioning and relationships
  • Developmental immaturity
  • The five core issues (self-worth, boundaries, reality, needs & wants, moderation & containment).

In addition to the psychoeducational component, actual therapeutic interventions are conducted during the retreat. With a trained and qualified mental health provider, each participant completes a family of origin debriefing, engages in “inner child work,” and experiences a shame reduction intervention. The retreat is not a workshop; it is a therapeutic experience conducted in a small group setting (five people per group). Structured check-ins and check-outs are also used daily to reinforce key healing principles of self-affirmation and to increase awareness of the cognitive distortions that impede one’s wellness, spontaneity, and joy.


The goal of the retreat is to help adults be more functional and emotionally balanced.

How does one attend one of the retreats?

To attend one of The Green Shoe Foundation retreats, one simply needs to fill out the online Registration Form found on The Green Shoe Foundation website. After the registration form is submitted, a member of The Green Shoe Foundation clinical team will reach out to you to arrange an intake appointment by phone. The intake appointment lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. During the intake appointment, questions about your family of origin, childhood, healing goals, and present-day challenges are posed. Once the clinician confirms you are a fit for the program, he or she will collaborate with you to identify a week in which there is an opening and you are available to attend. At this point, you pay a fully refundable $475 deposit to secure your spot. This deposit will be returned to you in the form of a check on the last day of the retreat; there is no cost to attend the retreat itself. Transportation, lodging, and food costs, however, are not covered.

How often are the retreats held?

Retreats are held weekly except for the weeks of Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, and July 4th.

A personal note of gratitude

On a personal note, I will be forever grateful for my own experience of attending one of the retreats in early 2022. My experience was deeply impactful, and I feel immense gratitude for this program and the foundation. I have been a therapist for twenty-five years and this retreat was one of the best healing experiences I have witnessed. Moreover, as a mental health provider, I appreciate that I can refer clients to The Green Shoe Foundation program. Their clinical team is exceptional and highly collaborative.

The clinical team at The Green Shoe Foundation (aka a group of amazing humans)

I cannot recommend this 5-day retreat program highly enough. If you are at all interested in attending, go! Really — just go!


Thank you, Green Shoe Foundation.

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