Therapeutic Intensives for Betrayal Trauma

When an adult is reeling from the devastating pain of betrayal, biweekly 50-minute therapy sessions may feel sorely inadequate for providing the depth and breadth of care needed for urgent relief. To address this pain point, I offer one and two-day therapeutic intensives specifically designed for the unique needs of sexually betrayed adults.

Therapeutic intensives provide a concentrated, unrushed, and compassionate space for individuals dealing with the traumatic effects of secretive or sexually compulsive behavior in their primary relationship. The following information is intended to provide information about the benefits of therapeutic intensives and delve into the structure and offerings of the one and two-day sessions provided in my therapy practice located on the outskirts of beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Accelerated Healing:
The therapeutic intensives I offer break free from the constraints of traditional therapy session lengths and provide multiple hours of therapy in one or two-day increments. This format accelerates the healing process, allowing for deeper work to occur sooner. This can be particularly beneficial for those facing urgent challenges or seeking specialized betrayal trauma support.

Accessible Expertise:
One remarkable aspect of therapeutic intensives is the ability to collaborate with a specialist one-on-one and in a personalized way. The intensives I offer create opportunities for individuals to access my clinical expertise and my undivided attention, regardless of geographical boundaries. This opens avenues for those who might not have local access to specialized betrayal trauma support. Therapeutic intensives are held in-person at my Colorado office on the second Friday and Saturday of each month. Participants usually fly in on Thursday evening and fly out Saturday evening, but you get to arrange the travel arrangements that suit your needs, budget, and schedule the best. Although lodging and transportation are not included in the intensive fees, recommendations are provided.

Timely and Cost-Effective Care:
When immediate support is essential, and regular therapy appointment times are either not sufficient or not available, therapeutic intensives emerge as a timely and cost-effective option. The hourly rate for an intensive is less than a regular therapy session, making it a viable solution for those needing immediate and specialized care.

Privacy and Confidentiality:
The one and two-day therapy intensives offer a one-on-one format, providing maximum privacy and confidentiality. During the intensive, it is just you and me, and we are both focused entirely on your unique healing and wellness needs. This exclusivity creates a safe space for individuals to open up and address their trauma with the assurance of utmost confidentiality.

One-Day Intensive Overview:
One-day intensive sessions provide six hours of one-on-one therapy, typically between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm, with a one-hour break for lunch. The comprehensive itinerary includes:

  • Education about betrayal trauma and its symptoms
  • Specialized assessments and a review of results to see exactly where you are at in terms of trauma levels, depression, anxiety, stress, and support.
  • Focused history-taking and clarifying personal healing goals
  • A safety inventory and initial safety planning work
  • Identifying grounding skills tailored to your nervous system
  • A binder of valuable resources to support their ongoing healing journey
  • Personalized recommendations for resources post-intensive

Two-Day Intensive Enhancement:
For those seeking a deeper level of engagement, the two-day intensive includes 12 hours of one-on-one therapy and builds upon the one-day session. In addition to the components covered in the one-day intensive, the two-day session allows for more profound exploration of trauma and the development of essential coping strategies.

  • Trauma trigger management skills
  • Guided mindfulness work
  • Personal boundary work
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) treatment when appropriate
  • Treatment planning for post-intensive
  • Self-care items to take home

Contraindications and Readiness for a Therapeutic Intensive:
Therapeutic intensives are suitable for adults at all stages of healing, but it is important to distinguish them from inpatient care. Therapeutic intensives are offered in an outpatient setting and are not a substitute for those needing extensive psychiatric support or stabilization. Inpatient care typically involves 24/7 support over a 45 to 90 day stay at a residential facility. Although I previously worked in inpatient and hospital settings, I do not offer inpatient services in my current practice.

Consequently, therapeutic intensives are not suitable for betrayed individuals who are:

  • Active in an addiction or eating disorder
  • Physically ill or not medically stable
  • Suicidal
  • Unable to travel alone
  • Emotionally unstable and not in a state of mind to learn or process new information

Therapeutic intensives are suitable for betrayed individuals who are:

  • Physically healthy and independently mobile
  • Able to travel independently and spend time alone
  • Have a general awareness of what their healing goals or needs are
  • Are motivated to heal and to make changes in their personal life
  • Have skills for regulating or managing strong emotions

When a therapeutic intensive is booked, you are reserving an extended period in which you have the undivided attention of myself, as well as the exclusive use of my office and resources. To book this kind of individualized attention, a $600 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration and this deposit goes toward your total intensive cost. The total cost for a one-day intensive is $1200 (6 hours of therapy + assessments + materials) and for a two-day intensive is $2200 (12 hours of therapy + assessments + materials). The deposit may be paid online via a secure client portal during registration and the remaining fees are paid at the conclusion of the intensive.

One and two-day therapeutic intensives offer a transformative and focused approach to healing from betrayal trauma. With a commitment to privacy, accessibility, and customized care, these intensives empower betrayed individuals to break free from the constraints of traditional therapy and embark on a journey of accelerated, profound healing. If you are ready for a change and seeking a timely and cost-effective solution, a therapeutic intensive might be the key to unlocking a renewed sense of well-being and resilience. For more information, please refer to the provided flyers below or contact me at or 1 (720) 209-9510.

For information about fees, location, and planning, please click on the flyers below.