Immediate and Delayed Reactions to Trauma Checklist


Reactions to traumatic events vary widely. Some reactions to traumatic events are experienced immediately while others may arise weeks, months, or even years afterward. This research-based checklist provides an overview of common trauma reactions in five key domains: Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Existential.


Becoming educated about the range of trauma symptoms, as well as when these symptoms commonly manifest, can enhance treatment planning and healing work.


Drawing upon research published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), this easy-to-use checklist summarizes over eighty recognized trauma reactions across five different domains of functioning (Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Existential).


This checklist may be used to enhance or guide treatment planning, track progress, educate clients about how trauma manifests, spark group therapy discussions, or validate those who have been traumatized.


Designed for:

  1. Licensed and certified mental health providers and coaches who work with betrayed individuals.
  2. Individuals who are healing from betrayal trauma.

8 pages

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